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IMPORTANT: Please check the league page regularly for any schedule updates due to weather and postponements.

Welcome to The Sand Club Beach Volleyball League. In order to encourage a Sandtastic time for the next 8-9 weeks, here is some helpful information about the league. Please feel free to call us at 480-560-5090 or email us at any time if you have any questions or issues that need to be addressed.


First and foremost, The Sand Club will do its best to accommodate time requests and nights off (or bye requests) due to work or other commitments but we can not guarantee requests. The goal is to get the draft schedule online 24 hours in advance and for players to have a schedule for all 8-9 weeks before the first night of league play. However, there are times when there is an overwhelming amount of time and bye requests so the schedule may come out the evening or morning before the first night of league play. Please contact us if you do not see the schedule online and we will help lock down a time. Once the draft schedule is online, The Sand Club will make changes the first week if there was a request that was overlooked and we are able to accommodate. We recommend that you do not print the schedule until the 2nd week of league play. The league director will contact teams about changes made after the 2nd week.

Starting On Time

We ask every player to help start your games NO LATER than 5 minutes after the hour. The ideal etiquette is to show up 15 minutes before your match (to get settled in and WARMUP). Ideally you would start peppering on the sideline, so when your court opens you are spending no more than 5 minutes practicing serves and swings. We ask all teams to take ownership of your courts by informing the league host if the previous game is running over. When one opponent has less than 18 points with 5 minutes remaining, teams are asked to inform the league host. If matches are projected to run 5 minutes over, the waiting teams should be ready to go immediately after and not take 5 minutes to warm up on the court. Teams that are habitually running late will be addressed and teams are encouraged to help our community by setting a good example. Each team will be guaranteed one hour on the court, not 65 minutes because the other team played 65 minutes.

Point Deduction

When a court is available on the hour and one of the teams is ready to go, a team who is late will be deducted 2 points per minute past the hour or when the opponent checks in. The 60-65 minutes starts once the court opens up, not when the late opponent arrives. The point deduction starts for game 1, not game 3. Teams on time are encouraged to enforce the point deduction because their match may be cut off in 60-65 minutes, depending on when the court was available.


Teams are asked to contact 480-560-5090 or email us as soon as teams know there are not able to play. Please avoid contacting us on the afternoon of the day of league play because it is too difficult to schedule a replacement team. The Sand Club would rather a team play against a replacement team than not playing at all. Teams are first encouraged to post on our Facebook Sub Lists:

Monday Coed 4’s Sub List
Monday Men’s 2’s Sub List
Tuesday Coed 4’s Sub List
Wednesday Coed 2’s Sub List
Thursday Women’s 2’s Sub List

Teams are encouraged to post time, location, skill, and maybe who to ask for on the team. Please contact your league director to let them know about any changes. Teams are welcome to contact 480-560-5090 or email us if you need help with subs. After 3P, contact your league director. Your league director’s contact number will be on the schedule (found on the league page).

Forfeit Policy

Teams are responsible to find subs in order to avoid a forfeit. Teams that forfeit may be subject to losing a match when they forfeit with less than 12 hours notice. That is, not only does the forfeiting team lose the forfeited match but the forfeiting team may also lose another match during the season for the team that missed the forfeited match. Teams will not lose an additional match when an email is sent 12 hours before their scheduled match to


The Sand Club has a league rule page but one thing to point out is that all of our leagues are fun-first, competition-second so please avoid getting into lengthy arguments and simply agree to disagree and replay a point. No matter how much we educate players about overhead passing (or hand setting), please establish before the game begins how strict or lenient you will be with 2nd contact violations. Our standard rule is to play out a point until the ball is dead and then respectively discuss any concerns about a violation that was not called or any etiquette rules. Coed rules do not require a female to make a contact nor girl serves girl or guy serves guy… with that being said, ASK your opponent before the game so things don’t get crazy after a guy serves a girl three times in a row. The only requirement for coed is that there is a female on the court. Also, ALL divisions should be held to ALL volleyball rules; however, lower division teams are welcome to establish before the game a mutual understanding NOT to call hand setting.

Subs For Playoffs

Teams that bring a sub on tournament night who did not play two complete matches during the regular season will not be eligible for prizes. Sub teams will also be a wild card (at the tournament director’s discretion) in order to protect the top 4 teams without subs. Sub teams will not be able to eliminate the top 4 ranked teams (without subs) in the playoffs; that is, sub teams will forfeit their game against any top 4 teams.


Teams that win the playoffs will receive 50% OFF the following season or TSC Swag. A welcome email will go out the 1st week explaining prizes. We welcome ideas for prizes, so please contact us if you have any.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns about your upcoming league.

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